Granite Maintenance
(Soap and water) We will provide you with detailed instructions but the bottom line is Just soap and water. Art Home Design granite & marble seals all of the tops after each installation this protects your stone from staining. You should re-seal after the first year and then every three to five years as needed. Oil spills can be problematic so, if you spill oil on your counters, clean it up as you go and do not allow it to sit on the stone for any length of time.
Typical project
Our schedule is usually booked 2-4 weeks in advance. For remodels, from the time we make templates until we return with your granite countertops, marble fireplace or stone project, usually seven to ten business days. For new construction, it is usually a minimum of 7 business days.

What you should know

What is granite?
Granite countertops offer deep colors and that elusive, one-of-a-kind beauty created only in nature. As a result, granite countertops add character warmth to kitchens, baths, and other areas of the home with a richness that cannot be duplicated in synthetic material. Granite is simply the best work surface available, its polished finish wont wear off blister, scratch, or crack; and they are highly stain resistant, can take a hot pot without the use of a trivet, and its cool polished surface is ideal for rolling out pastry dough, granite countertops are a beautiful, durable and cost competitive solution for kitchens, baths, and other residential applications or commercial applications, granite makes the most durable type of stone countertop, because stone is porous, each stone requires special sealants, however granite absorbs the least and only requires resealing about once a year if needed.
Visual appearance, Seams, Overhang, Care and Maintenance. As a natural product, granite will vary in colors from slab to slab from color or pattern of a sample you may have seen, and in some instances, will vary in the same piece, this provided character and uniqueness to each individual top and assures you of a one-of-a kind countertop, most granite contains natural pits and fissures. Granite installations may necessitate that seams be used to achieve the ordered countertop project from one or more slabs or pieces, the layout of your kitchen and other factors including but not limited to transportability will determine the number and location of seams, seams will be visible, seams will be at the discretion of the measurer or measure team performing the on-site measurement, maximum overhang that granite countertop can extend beyond the cabinetry or supporting structure is 8-12" depending on the specific configuration, your measurer will advise you at the time of the measurement whether supports will be needed and what you will need to have in place before the time of the installation appointment. Granite countertops should be sealed around the time of installation and periodically (1.. time per year) if needed thereafter, clean stone surfaces with mild liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water, rinse the surface thoroughly after washing with soap solution and dry with soft cloth, too much soap may leave a film or cause streaks, remove films and streaks with soft dry wool, do not use products that contain lemon, vinegar or other acids on the granite as the high acid content may etch the surface, do not leave oil or any red colored sodas sitting overnight, clean in time and that avoids absorbing into the surface.

Caesar stone

What is CaesarStone?

CaesarStone created the world's first, original quartz surface. Manufactured from approximately 93% natural quartz, CaesarStone surfaces resist staining, chipping and cracking. CaesarStone quartz countertops are available in over 70 colors, textures and finishes, offering nearly unlimited possibilities for creative quartz surface products.